Yunnan|8-Day Earthly Paradise Puzhehei Tour 1-8 April云南普者黑八日游

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Travel Location: Yunnan, China

Travel Route:

Kunming—Nine Dragon waterfall—Xingyi—Bamei—Puzhehei—Fuxian Lake

Event Date and Quotation:

Group in April: Sun 1st. April-- Sun 8th April 2018(Qingming Festival Holiday)   RMB 5980 P/P

Group in June: Sat 16th.Jun-- Sat 23th.Jun 2018(May Holiday)        RMB 5980 P/P

Group in October: Sun 30th. Sep--Sun 7th.Oct 2018 (Oct. Holiday)  RMB 6580 P/P

Number of Travelers: 4-20 people of many different nationalities

Trip Inquiry & RSVP: 15001791355

Customer Service Wechat :okdealtravel 

Public WeChat : OKDealClub


Travel Routes Highlights

  • Puzhehei Scenic Resort has unique natural landscapes, you can view the dramatic Karst peaks, islands, caves, and underground rivers as well as Miao, Yi, Yao and Zhuang ethnic festivals.

  • The best viewing spots in Fuxian Lake to enjoy sunset and sunrise. Shutterbug can’t miss it!

  • Get the free chance to experience hitting glutinous rice or tasting colorful rice.

  • Enjoy the water fighting game and catching fishes in water with local people

  • Travel by small boat through a long, dark limestone tunnel to find the Bamei.

  • Foodaholic’s paradise, enjoy special local food (stone pot fish, green tea,

  • No compulsory shopping during the trip.

  •  Everyone can get OKDeal Travel’s headscarf, earplugs, eye mask, neck brace.  and two bottles of water every day. We will offer you the most attentive service.

Travel Route Overview

D1:Kunming Arrival

D2:Kunming—Luoping (Nine Dragon waterfall)—Xingyi

D3:Xingyi( Maling River Canyons and Wanfeng Forest)

D4:Xingyi—Bamei(Bamei Village)—Guangnan

D5:Guangnan—Puzhehei (Puzhehei village)

D6:Puzhehei (Qinglong Mountain, Golden waterway, karst caves, filming location: Caihuaqing village)


D8:Fuxian Lake (sunrise)—departure from Kunming


Full Itinerary


Members will arrive at Kunming International Airport. You will be picked up by a local guide and drive you to the hotel. if you arrive early, we can go to the green park(翠湖公园).It is one of the most beautiful parks in Kunming city and located at the foot of Luofeng Mountain and on the west side of Wuhua Mountain. We can also go to Yunnan military academy(云南陆军讲武堂)which has fostered a large group of early military leaders of China.,By the way, don’t forget to taste the yummy local food! Such as Cross Bridge Rice noodles and steamed chicken.

Meal: breakfast

Hotel: Kunming 4-star hotel

Notes: remember to turn on the mobile phone to contact with the guide


In the morning, we will departure from Kunming and driving about 4 hours (220km) to Luoping and having the lunch. After lunch, we drive about 30 to 40 minutes and visit the Nine Dragon waterfall(九龙瀑). The whole waterfall scenic area is 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) long, looks like a silver dragon winding through the green mountains. The waterfalls are well-known for their grandeur and imposing appearance. You will love the marvelous scenery. And then we drive to Xingyi, one step across two provinces, we enter Guizhou province from Yunnan province and check in hotel.

Meal: breakfast

Hotel: Xingyi 4-star hotel



After breakfast, we will visit the Xingyi Maling River scenic spot(兴义马岭河景区), which is known as the ‘Yunnan- Guizhou odd seam, and the world wonders.’ There is a good book specious a large color screen in the world of color cliffs, waterfalls and numerous perennial flood Falls, constitutes a colorful canyon scenery.  The Maling River Grand Canyon Ladder(马岭河大峡谷天梯) and Maling Star Gallery (马岭河天星画廊)are two fantastic spots. It is also an attractive location of photos. Prepare your camera! After lunch, we will drive to the Wanfeng Forest(万林峰)which is the world's largest mountain peak forest, a typical karsts landform. We will take the sightseeing train to have a visit. After backing the city of Xingyi, you can wander around the night market of Xingyi or check in hotel. If you are a foodaholic, you can’t miss the night market!

Meal: breakfast

Hotel: Xingyi 4-star hotel


After breakfast, we will departure from Xingyi and arrive in Bamei village(坝美村)around 4:30P.M (During the way, we will arrange the place to have lunch). Bamei Village is hard to find because of its unique location. It is surrounded by hills, and visitors have to travel by small boat through a long, dark limestone tunnel. In the dark, you feel as if you are going back in time. When you emerge from the tunnel you will be amazed. In a hidden valley, in a grove of green bamboos and old trees, lies Bamei Village. A blue stream gently flows by, and hard-working farmers silently till the green fields. It's a picture of another lost Shangri-la. Then you will visit the Man-Women River(男女河), Houpayan Gorge(猴爬岩), and Pan Hole(潘那洞). In Bamei, you shouldn’t miss the food made out of the stone cookers, they are the local specialties. You can also get a free chance to experience hitting the glutinous rice (If your group is less than 10 persons, you can have the free colorful rice which is made by various vegetables). At night, we will back to Guangnan and check in hotel.

Meal: breakfast

Hotel: Guangnan 5-star hotel


After breakfast, we will drive to Puzhehei and arrive around 3 P.M and check in hostel. Puzhehei takes on Karst geological features and covers a total area of 165 square kilometers. It was noted for the world- rare and domestic- unique karst landscape and pastoral scenery since 1993.This charming country is also famous for its festivals of the Yao, Miao, Huang, and Yi minorities. And then we can start the activity—catching fish in river!(浑水摸鱼) We have prepared all kind of tools for you (rain boots, fishing baskets and barrels). It is not as easy as you imagine, you need react and move nimbly. If the weather allows, we can enjoy the beautiful sunset at the best viewing point. After the dinner, you can wander the village and wheat field with your friends or lover to feel the romantic moment.

Meal: breakfast

Hotel: Puzhehei hostel


In the morning, we are planning to go hiking the Qinglong Mountain and view the entire scenery of Puzhehei through the morning mist. If you want to sleep in, you can gather at 8:30 A.M to view the swans. Moreover, you can feed the swans in the embrace of green hills and blue waters. And then, we will go sightseeing the village by the boat which is from generation to generation by Yi nationality people. If you are strong, you are also welcome to boating with the boatman! Another activity you should not miss is the water fighting game. If you want to participate in, we have already prepared tools for you! The water scoops and buckets are waiting to fight. However, don’t forget the safety is the first! In May to October every year is the blooming time of lotus. Just enjoy the time accompanied by floral. Then we are going to explore the cave, and enjoy the marvelous masterpiece of nature—the karst caves. After noon break, we are going to the filming place—Caihuajing Village(菜花菁村) and viewing the scenery of peach as if you are exposed to the painting. After that is the free time, you can rent the bicycle or by carriage to stroll around. If you are lucky, at night, you can join the local bonfire party, and get closer to the local culture.

Meal: breakfast

Hotel: Puzhehei hostel

Notes: the fantastic water fighting game cannot be missed. If you want to participate, you'll need a plastic barrel, a one-off rain coat and a water gun and don’t forget to wear swimming suit. Also, cell phones, cameras and other electronic devices should be protected during the game.



We departure at 8 AM in Puzhehei and drive about 5 hours to Fuxian Lake(扶仙湖). It is a famous fresh water lake in China. The water is so crystal clear that the ancients called it ‘a large area of shinning glasses’. The white clouds blossoming on the blue sky, just watching the golden sunset light sprinkled the entire lake. At this moment, you just want to open your mind and exposed yourself into the nature. At night, check in hotel.

Meal: breakfast

Hotel:Fuxian lake 3-star hote


Today is the last day of the entire trip. You can get up early and view the sunrise around the lake. After breakfast, you can climb up the Beacon Hill(笔架山)to overlooking the lake. And then you can enjoy your free time and have lunch. You can try the local meals likes pot fishes and potato. After lunch we will head to the hotel we met in Kunming and back home.

Thank you for traveling with us and we hope for safe travels back to your city.

Meal: breakfast

Hotel: No

Notes: we suggest you to book the flight after 17:00 and the train after 15:30 in case it is too hurry.


About Tour Attractions

Puzhehei scenic aera

The Puzhehei Scenic Area is 13 kilometers (8.1 miles) northwest of Qiubei County Town, Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Minorities Autonomous Prefecture. As a typical karst landscape, the scenic area abounds in beautiful waters and green mountains which are very similar to and even prettier than those in Guilin. Therefore, Puzhehei is praised as being ‘a unique pastoral scene in China’.

'Puzhehei’ in the Yi language, mean ‘a pond teeming with fish and shrimp. With an area of 165 square kilometers (40,772 acres), the scenic area mostly consists of clusters of limestone peaks, karst caves and natural lakes.

Xingyi Maling River scenic area

Maling River Canyon scenic area, located northeast of the city of Xingyi City. Canyon total length of 74.8 kilometers, such as sew on, under such gutter, landscape is very magical, known as the "Yunnan-Guizhou odd seam, and the world wonders." There is a good book specious a large color screen in the world of color cliffs, waterfalls and numerous perennial flood Falls, constitutes a colorful canyon scenery. 

Bamei village

Established 600 years ago by Zhuang ethnic minority, Bamei (cave in the forest) is a quiet and picturesque village accessible only by small boats through a dark cave river. It is agricultural with traditional Malan houses, clear streams, green fields, bamboo groves and banyan trees and has 119 families who live and practise centuries-old farming methods.

Fuxian Lake

Fuxian lake stretches out through Chengjiang, Jiangchuan and HuaningCounties in Yunnan province, spanning an area of 212 square kilometers. The lake is ranked third-largest in Yunnan, after Dian Lake and Erhai Lake. Also the deepest lake in Yunnan, it is 155 meters deep at its greatest depth. It is also the third-deepest fresh water lake in China after Tianchi and Kanas Lake

Luoping Nine Dragon waterfall

Located 20 km from Luoping county town, China, in a valley with a length of 4 km (2,5 mi) and a depth of 200 meters (656 ft.), the Jiulong Waterfall is made up of 10 cascades, known as Nine-Dragon Waterfalls, each forming a pool underneath. The thunderous Number 1 waterfall, the group’s highest, is 110 meters (360 ft.) wide and 56 meters (183 ft.) high. Subsequent falls, although not as high as the Number 1, vary from each other in height and width and all of them have their peculiar charm. Standing on the belvedere, one can take in the ten cascades at one sight.

How to fit in?

It’s easier to get around in Wenshan city if you know some basic Mandarin, especially when ordering food, but there are a number of important points of business etiquette to remember too. Confucianism, with its attention to demeanour, harmony, and preservation of “face,” plays a central role. Meetings always begin with a handshake. Give a slight nod and don’t be too vigorous when shaking hands, it could come across as being aggressive. Stay away from physical contact after this, including pats on the arm. If a host is guiding you they may tug your sleeve. Have business cards translated on one side. It is considered fortuitous if they are printed in gold ink. Be sure to place received cards in a case rather than your pocket. Avoid humour since jokes may not come across as you intend. Gift etiquette and negotiations can be complex, so it’s best to read more deeply about them.


What You Should Bring: 

  • Necessities: passport / ID card .There are neither banks nor ATMs in the scenic spot, so bring some small denomination cash.

  • The temperature difference between day and night is large, so heavy coats are necessary. Also, bring a rain coat, sun helmet, sunglasses, sun cream and flashlight.

  • If you love photography, this wonderful scenic spot is a paradise for you. Bring a high quality camera.

  • Once reaching Puzhehei, the fantastic water fighting game cannot be missed. If you want to participate, you'll need a plastic barrel, a one-off rain coat and a water gun and don’t forget to wear swimming suit. Also, cell phones, cameras and other electronic devices should be protected during the game.

  • Medicine and others: please prepare it according to your own needs. The following medicines are suggested for consideration: band aid, carsick medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, cold medicine, anti-inflammatory drugs etc.

  • Although the hotel is provided with the one-off toiletries, we cannot guarantee the quality. Please carry your own toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, slippers and so on.

  • Food: please bring some instant food, and high-calorie snacks (such as beef jerky, chocolate, canned meat, etc.) along the highway in case of the traffic.

Trave Date: 

Group in April: Sun 1st. April-- Sun 8th April 2018         RMB 5980 P/P

Group in June: Sat 16th.Jun-- Sat 23th.Jun 2018        RMB 5980 P/P

Group in October: Sun 30th. Sep--Sun 7th.Oct 2018  RMB 6580 P/P

The price includes:

  1. Entrance tickets: main ticket attractions listed above

  2. Meals: 7 breakfast

  3. Accommodation: 7 nights(4-star hotel in Kunming and Xingyi, 5-star hotel in Guangnan and 3-star hotel in Puzhehei and Fuxian Lake.With daily Western breakfast. Other meals at your own expense.)

  4. Transport: Airport picking up and MPV local transport 

  5. Insurance: Personal Travel Accident Insurance

  6. Drink: two bottles of water per day

  7. Guide service fee

  8. Others: organization cost


The price DOES NOT include:

  1. Main transport from and to Kunming, people will book flight/train ticket at their own expense, the organizer will help to book tickets if needed.

  2. Lunch and dinner during the trip

  3. Personal expenses and unpredictable costs

  4. Single supplement 1000RMB/person

Flight Schedule for Reference





Hongqiao airport T2-------Kunming

Shanghai Airline FM9453



Kunming-------------Hongqiao T2

Eastern Airline




Accommodation standards:

4-star hotel in Kunming and Xingyi, 5-star hotel in Guangnan and 3-star hotel in Puzhehei and Fuxian Lake.With daily Western breakfast. Other meals at your own expense.

Other notes

The best season there is from May to September, especially in July and August when the lotus flowers blossom. Don't forget to carry your swimming suit. It is best to visit the Puzhehei Scenic Area from May to September, and especially in July and August. At that time, the lotus flowers are in full blossom. Besides, the local “Painted Face Festival” (Hualian Festival), the local busiest and happiest time, usually falls around July 18 and usually lasts for about one month.

We enter into Bamei village by boat through caves, in rainy season(July and August) every year, the caves will be drown by water, we have to adjust the plan. The route will change as:

Xingyi---Luoping (Nine Dragon waterfall)----Puzhehei

Registration Note

  • Please contact 15001791355 if you would like to participate in this trip and pay the deposit of  2000RMB/ person when you sign up. The remaining balance should be paid at least 2 days before the departure date by bank transfer or cash at the officeIf you cancel the trip, we will refund the deposit according to OkDealClub regulations.

  • Please read the other application instructions carefully before paying the deposit OK, Deal! Club Outdoor Trips Registration Q & A


Event Registration

Send email to or send Wechat to OKDealTravel with the title " RSVP for 8 Day Yunnan Puzhehei Tour" which includes the following information for registration. We will reply to you with a confirmation and then show you how to pay the deposit.

(Required) -

Travel Date Event Date:

Full Name:




Mobile phone:


Passport / ID No. Passport / ID number (for the purchase of Travel Insurance)

(Optional Item) -

Emergency contacts and telephone ::

food taboos / Preference:

Room requirements:



Trip Organizer: OK, Deal! Club

Long press this QR code of Wechat Customer Service Account for RSVP&Inquire

Free Gifts For The OKDeals: headscarf, earplugs, eye mask, neck brace




四月团:清明节 (周一)2018.04.01—(周一) 04.08 RMB 5980/人

六月团:端午节 (周六)2018.06.16—(周六)06.23  RMB 5980人 

十月团:国庆节 (周日)2018.09.30—(周日)10.07  RMB 6580/人


活动报名咨询: 15001791355

客服微信: okdealtravel

公众微信: okdealclub


  • 途径马岭河大峡谷,坝美,抚仙湖,溶洞,喀斯特地貌等等精彩多样的景观,摄影爱好者的天堂

  • 在最佳观景点观赏绝美日落日出

  • 免费赠送打糍粑活动或者品尝当地特色五彩米饭

  • 体验浑水摸鱼,更可与朋友船夫感受刺激打水仗活动

  • 坐小船穿越幽暗山洞,寻找与世隔绝的世外桃源小村庄—坝美村

  • 普者黑聚集着来自不同名族的村民,可尽情交流学习当地文化与风俗

  • 吃货们可千万不能错过,云南遍地是美食,(蒸汽鸡,石锅鱼,五彩米线等)看不完吃不够

  • 全程无购物,环保互助,深度游玩

  • 参加本次活动的客人都可以获得OKDeal Travel为您准备的头巾,旅行三宝(眼罩,充气颈托,耳塞)和每天两瓶饮用水~OKDeal Travel会为您提供最贴心的服务。


D6:普者黑全天(青龙山 黄金水道 地下喀斯特溶洞 三生三世十里桃花拍摄地:菜花箐村)






马岭河景区景点主要是二大块:万峰林和大峡谷。其万峰林人称“世界第一峰林”、大峡谷人称“地球上最美丽的伤疤”。 万峰林属于中国西南喀斯特地貌,堪称中国锥状喀斯特博物馆,被称誉为天下奇观 。著名地理学家、旅行家徐霞客就来到过万峰林,他还发出这样的赞叹:“天下山峰何其多,惟有此处峰成林”。兴义马岭河峡谷风景区是7000万年前地壳运动拉开的裂缝。在长约15公里的峡谷中,两岸峭崖对峙、青峰横陈,河谷幽深、碧水回还,以雄、奇、险、秀而独具特色。



































































今天是整个行程的最后一天,早起到抚仙湖看日出,感受这里不同于日落的完美盛景。早餐后,可以登【笔架山】 (当地人也称之为:鼻架山)远眺整个湖景,天湖一色清澈幽蓝。然后自己可以选择抚仙湖边的游船或到湖里游个泳。上午11点多,在抚仙湖吃个农家饭,品尝抚仙湖的美食铜锅鱼和洋芋饭。然后集合返回昆明,约下午2点左右到达集合酒店结束愉快行程。怀着念念不舍的感情,我们相互告别,约好下次再来彩云之南。 





四月团:清明节 (周一)2018.04.01—(周一) 04.08 RMB 5980/人

六月团:端午节 (周六)2018.06.16—(周六)06.23  RMB 5980人 

十月团:国庆节 (周日)2018.09.30—(周日)10.07  RMB 6580/人


  1. 门票包含罗平九龙瀑门票,及景区缆车;兴义马岭河峡谷门票及观光电梯,万峰林门票及小火车,坝美门票及船票,马车费用。坝美打糍粑或者五彩花米饭的费用;普者黑门票,铁皮船游览费用;抚仙湖禄充景区门票。

  2. 餐费:七天早餐

  3. 交通:接送机和全程正规旅游大巴费用

  4. 住宿:七晚住宿费用(昆明兴义 4星酒店, 广南五星,普者黑抚仙湖三星)

  5. 司机,地导食宿补贴

  6. 保险:旅游意外险

  7. 用水:每天两瓶饮用水

  8. 导游服务费(不含小费)

  9. 其他:活动组织策划成本



  1. 大交通费

  2. 餐费(除早餐外)

  3. 其他个人消费(如酒店内消费)

  4. 单房差 1000rmb/人

  5. 导游小费













l请确定要参加本次活动的队员及时与俱乐部联系15001791355,并预交定金2000 元/人(待定),余款出发送团前付清。若取消此活动,定金退还按照俱乐部相应制度执行

l其它报名注意事项请在交纳定金前仔细阅读OK, Deal! Club Outdoor Trips Registration Q&A  户外旅游报名流程及常见问题解答



发送email 到travel@okdealclub.com或者客服微信到OKDealTravel,注明标题“RSVP for 8 Day Yunnan Puzhehei Tour”包括以下信息报名,我们收到申请后会和你及时确认人数签订旅游合同及确认付款方式。


Travel Date活动日期:

Full Name全名:






Passport/ID No.护照/身份证号(用于购买旅游 保险)

(选填项) --





旅游组织:OK, Deal! Club(,Shanghai Getaways&Social trips every weekend上海英语国际白领旅游社交圈,周边游多样路线每周末发团!) 

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