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Mrs. Lee’s Noodles with Fried Tomatoes and Bean Sauce



Chinese culture is broad and profound, and the delicious food is equally inclusive. Each place has its own way of supporting its own inhabitants, and different regions breed different cultures. Therefore, different people have different understanding of food culture. Food is not only delicious but also enjoyable, because it can help to open and connect people’s hearts by impressing the minds with food. One’s love and enthusiasm for life can be reflected from the devotion to food. Although the world is endless, there is always something that can warm each other from the bottom of the heart, and there is always someone who you think is really nice to know.


Today’s story is about Mrs. Tina Lee, a Canadian who was born in Taiwan. Now she lives in Beijing, working as an English teacher as well as a food dietician in a kindergarten. She is an optimist with a cheerful personality and a strong passion for food and life. She has been to many places where she had tasted all kinds of the local delicacies. She, who grew up in Taiwan, also studied and lived in Canada for many years. She participates in the International Food Festival every year in order to taste the various kinds of foods from different countries. The characteristics of foods vary from place to place. Under the influence of different cultural characteristics, she has a special insight into food and her unique perspective on cooking food. Therefore,  Mrs. Tina Lee has tried innovating and improving the recipe of our traditional Beijing style noodles with fried soybean sauce, and has created a more delicious and more affectionate one: Mrs. Lee’s noodles with fried tomatoes  and bean sauce.


Tina preferred to watch her father cooking since her childhood, and the sound of her father’s patting the dough or boiling the noodles was the best memory of her childhood. Dad always told her: “Whenever it is, people should learn to share. Sharing with each other makes everyone very happy.” Since then, she kept her father’s words firmly in mind.


Influenced by her father, Tina is very dainty about food. She often says: “Food is not just to be eaten simply, but also needs to be eaten with an attitude of respect and passion for it. Food should be a delicacy combining good taste, balanced nutrition, and aesthetic pleasure. Eating with gratefulness and appreciation is also a serious attitude to life.” Delicate and warm dishes are always turned into special gifts made by heart and love.

受爸爸的影响,Tina老师对于美食可讲究了。她经常说: “美食不能简单地吃,还要有态度地吃,要带着对食物的敬意和感情。食物不仅要美味、营养均衡,摆盘还要美观,好好吃饭也是认真对人生的态度。” 精致温馨的菜肴,经过她的精心制作,就是用心和爱做出来的特殊礼物。

When Tina first came to Beijing, she was also confused and didn’t know how to integrate into this strange environment. She always lives a delicate life. One day, as usual, she wore her favorite perfume and waited in the classroom for the teacher who would attend the class together. The teacher came in with loud voice: “What kind of strange smell is it?” That teacher opened the window and frowned as she shouted. Tina felt that the colleague’s words were really too hurtful to accept, and thought: “How can people be so disrespectful?” She was so hurt that she didn’t know how to get along and communicate with other people, which became a big problem for her at that time. When she talked about this at home with her husband, he said: “Darling, don’t worry. They may just speak directly and act carelessly, but may mean nothing bad to you. Don’t think too much about it. It’s good for people to understand each other.” She also remembered what her father had told her before: “To learn to share, then the gap between people will be narrowed.” She also felt that the society was really too indifferent currently. She had to be the one who first greeted and shared enthusiastically with the people around her, and she had to imperceptibly pass this spirit on to others. She thought it’s not good to seal herself so tight. Instead, she needed to make more friends. She decided to take the first step to get along well with her colleague who attended the class together with her, because they would also work together in the future and she could not judge a person merely by one thing.

当初刚到北京生活的时候,Tina老师也曾经迷茫过,不知道怎么去融入这个陌生的环境。她平时生活中过得很精致。与平常一样,那天她也喷了自己最爱的香水,在教室里等着一起听课的老师。那个老师一进门却直呼: “咦~什么怪味道?” 边说边打开了窗,直皱眉头。她当时觉得这个同事说话太伤人了,有点接受不了。心里想:“人与人怎么能这么不尊重呢?”她很受伤,不知道接下来在这里生活怎么跟别人打交道,与别人交流成了她的一大问题。在家里和老公说起这件事时,老公说:“亲爱的,不用担心,人家也许只是无心之举,说话直接一点。不要想太多,人和人互相理解就好了。”她也想起了爸爸曾对她说:“要学会分享,人与人才会拉近距离。”她觉得现在社会真的太冷漠了,她要做先去跟身边人打招呼、热情分享的那个人,要把这种精神潜移默化地传递给他人。她认为不可以把自己封死,要多交朋友。她决定要先迈出一步,和那次一起听课的同事融洽相处。以后还要一起工作,不能因为一件事就把一个人定位。

Then, it was a leisurely weekend when Tina started cooking in the kitchen with no exception. She would try one of her father’s recipes that day. With her cooking knife rising and falling, the fresh tomatoes on the chopping board were cut into pieces, and the good smell of fresh vegetables diffused around. And even the collision between the wok and the spatula was the thriving expectation to life. As she thought she was to share it with her friends, she worked harder to cook the special noodles with fried tomatoes and bean sauce. The tomatoes are in a good taste of sour and sweet. When the fried tomatoes and bean sauce were poured onto the smooth noodles, it tasted really great. Tina completed the whole process of this tomato noodles, and then carefully packed it into a delicate lunch box with a beautiful shape with a beautiful bowknot tied on the box. It was full of earnest and emotion.


On the next day, Tina took the lunchbox to her colleague and handed to her with saying:“ This is my home-made noodles with fried tomatoes and bean sauce. Would you please have a try?” The colleague took it over happily and tasted it. She was completely conquered by Tina’s tomato noodles. When she finished eating, she gave Tina a thumb-up and thanked her. Because of Tina’s delicious tomato noodles, the two colleagues were becoming closer. This colleague praised that Tina was very good at cooking. Tina’s tomato noodles have been favored by a lot of colleagues whoever had tried them. And gradually, she become as cheerful as ever in getting along with other colleagues. People gather together because of this delicious food, and they regularly come to Tina’s home to cook dinner together in order to improve cooking skills by sharing and giving each other advice. They are not only colleagues, but also good friends in life as well as good teachers to each other in cooking. This exclusive recipe for noodles with fried tomatoes and bean sauce is even more admired by countless people. People sat together, with aprons tied, and learned to cook this tomato noodles with Tina. They all carefully recorded the amount of various ingredients and patiently mixed the secret sauce. Some careful people would even observe the way how Tina cut the tomatoes. Tina says:“I never thought my tomato noodles would have been so popular. I am rather happy to see you like the noodles!” The food that everybody made is also very distinctive, and the phenomenon that people learn to cook food together is really harmonious.


Not only did Tina cook delicious noodles for his colleagues, but also often knocked on her neighbor’s door and gave them the noodles. When the neighbor opened the door and saw the smiling face of Tina, she was moved by her. The neighbor quickly invited Tina to come in and sit down together to share the delicious food slowly. The two neighbors chatted casually as they ate. The neighbor said: “It’s been a long time since I had such a delicious meal. I am very busy every day, too busy to take care of my family. I don’t cook at home and even have no time to go home for dinner.” Sometimes even if the neighbor is not at home, she will make some cakes, pack them carefully and hang them on the doorknob together with a note saying “Please enjoy the cakes!”, which can make her tired neighbor’s mood after work become good.

Tina老师不光喜欢给同事们做好吃的,还经常给做好了轻轻敲开邻居的门,给邻居们送面。邻居开门看到笑容满面的Tina眼眶一红,赶紧把Tina邀请进门,两个人都坐下来慢慢的品尝美食。邻居边吃饭边聊家常说: “好久没有吃到这么好吃的面了。平时都很忙,忙起来也不顾家,别说回来做饭了,连回家吃饭都没有空。” 有时候即使邻居们不在家,她也会做些糕点,精心地打包挂在门把手处,还会留下“请您享用”的字条,让邻居下班后疲惫的心情变得大好。

The delicious food broke the barrier between people, as well as the indifference relationship. Tina’s enthusiasm and her sincere heart have influenced everyone.  Her delicious noodles with fried tomatoes and bean sauce are impressive and memorable, which bring people closer to each other and connect their hearts.


  Here is to introduce how to cook the delicious Mrs. Lee’s Noodles with Fried Tomatoes and Bean Sauce:



1500g or 1.5kg of minced pork (70% of which is lean meat and 30% of which is fat meat)  

5 to 6 middle sized tomatoes

about 8-10 spoonful of Sweet soybean paste,

200g of Spring onions             




       甜面酱大约 8-10 汤匙。


Method of cooking

作法 :

1.Stirfry the minced pork in a wok until it smells slightly burnt.

1. 将绞肉炒至有点焦香。

2. Chop all the tomatoes.


3. Add the sweet soybean paste into the wok to be fried with the minced pork.


4. Put the chopped tomatoes and enough water into the wok, and make sure the water should cover all the fried minced pork.


5. After mixing them well, boil the mixture for about 3 minutes over high heat, and then simmer for about 20 minutes over medium heat, and then add in the chopped spring onions and simmer for another 20 minutes.


6. Boil some noodles in a pot. Any shapes of noodles are ok, and it’s up to personal preference. When the noodles are ready, serve them in a bowl. Add the fried tomatoes and bean sauce according to your taste, and you may also add some other vegetables as you like. 


So these are today’s Beijingers and Beijing Specialties. Remember if you have stories to share with us, please leave a message~


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